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tv   RT News  PBS  December 9, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PST

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law. when you win. stallings cats with the ukrainian opposition says brace themselves for the wires as unwise release around that time in the car so that she put the security forces as an insult to the center console that time. the following e government steps up its legal quiet town for reform. i see this as a number of those arrested had just closed to the three thousand mom. david cameron takes what is to
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launch an inquiry into the oil law is trying to imbue easy thing to giant to rot. outside the home of the scene and the chance to protest the games he's straight. in. the it says on the international. welcome to the pile. and there's no plan to storm the protests a skunk and the ukrainian council smith on bass according to the country's security forces chief. still the axis of greece who sells for a long siege all even and sold off to riot police surrounded the independence square in kiev on c's pulls off his back for us. is this sense of uncertainty idea of the central kiev right now was the protests continued up peacefully behind to make a
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riot police have gathered on the fringes of the protests clara bought few months ago i went up the three hundred yards to my right to wed the croquet is a muscle around one hundred riot police to have got that out of my images onto it out what exactly are the reasoning is for that presents the ideal position mentioned a couple of possibilities the fuss one is limited to outperform their uncle k around the square. locating the upright text is an effective in stopping them that the supply line of the food warm clothes and firewood stacked up another theory being mentioned by the opposition is that they can begin to reclaim the city administered to building which is being used by the opposition as a makeshift headquarters now if the police. well i've dissected it out and they would have to take it by forcing his protests and opposition say that they are ready to defend that position but they will say say they are ready for dialogue. one high profile opposition not to get the world heavyweight boxing champion vitali klitschko the country to the pool katie has been speaking to police officials
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he's urging them not to carry out what he calls it illegal orders he saying that this is a psychological ploy being used by the oath ortiz and urging the protest is not to respond to what he calls a provocation the market today it's for central kiev metro stations are also close to them i mixed up because all the forms of palms get it as a model so in the out the last hour or so the president that to get a cut that is set to meet with three for my ukrainian president of the costs of this week. late on tuesday in fact trying come to a political solution to this crisis or the moment we are simply waiting to see what happens next for them the next wave is by the protest is on those committees that have gathered in despite calls from the opposition for the protest on the protest is to remain peaceful and sunday it gets a stamp on a mosque men carry naturalistic dogs bark sped down the statute monument to an end here in the center of kiev as my
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colleague every negative to reports the new road and smashed the statue one which really has learned that it's moving. it's nice to be called heel to the bone somehow sneak into his methods. a hundred years before them. this does include kept to the dairy keen in the handful of city buildings. the scene there is a mix of refugee camp. gypsy village. they hang out. and a rock concert for the whole lot of political slogans don't this is what you mean opposition calls a revolution others though have a different name for it. we see things happening in ukraine into the store the covenant between god and st it would be huge price for the coming
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weeks. in profit. getting rid of course it would be good at right y'all. maybe getting very sleepy. his efforts in getting him into helping hands for contributors could drop caps into special collection box that has been set up. security is provided by the so called revolution regard. you can masks and helmets. his job was to warn off hostile forces from the gates of the citizenry the movement has been walking behind this easy and it made you go there for two weeks now. the shooting site youtube. ok the cabinet of ministers or apps that use the reckless irresponsible people. the ministry of finance is in this bill the ministry responsible for paying wages to all of ukraine. stop and think she just nodded and took the state emergency services they will depend on the continued functioning of this government. to no avail though. protest leaders are certain. this paralysis is the right way to go in order to reach their glorious gold
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you see a pattern here of of escalation and provocation a very large provocation few nights ago when they were using chains and tractors and of course the police as police do everywhere of reacting with violence. what would happen if someone drove a tractor and truck to drive it into the white house lawn begin to tell me that there would be the violence against the hundred thousand people trying to break into the white house. this is the latest protests organized by the state prosecutor's office guarantee of free people have staged a sit in l a and ends at ten to sixteen so those who came into work today had to literally stop over protesters in oder to get to their jobs. exercising their rights to go to work this is the people here aren't taking up their right to rally. but they feel they aren't being seen as equal by the opposition leader's war by western officials. most of our teeth. piaf. as a reno was just saying that tensions in central kiev at being
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stuck on social networks are all sorts of theories that being posted. and here are some of the rain is that preceded sunday's maths money back. the most one spread messages were fro the authorities plenty of vine and dispersal of that purse has the season special forces pulled into this at capital from other regions the speculation was fuelled fat them by ripples that times are also on their way and otherwise that syria has been speculation for the past week he said authorities were not too into jeans a state of the mountain sea. none of that israel is contrary to the east near perfect send off home and says it's too long to underestimate the danger for him is like pets. there is a tent through rumor mill rate hike since attention on the law. those who remember the simple chord progression in two thousand and four will remember we were told that the elections that's not special forces he would take it week after
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that. they want. nothing happened so it was a propaganda war cycle that will take place using these wounds all the custody order for us whilst same time very blessed to have a stack of customs. if you choose. or the evidence over and enforcement uses it to the opposition provide technical training camps replacing the financial bubble forms of assistance avoiding the media platform for himself. ukraine's crash has had changed from being heard easy interest rate risk and are now minus the anti government. they remain the focus of attention for european politicians and not the home and told his boss hearing many of them to independence square. will we see a range of cruises coming here the festival of the dumb pharmacist coffee was annihilated in the recent german middle schoolers seats
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she's beautiful. that is the use of. while but hopefully he can tell it to the pool. coming because it gives them a sense of self importance but also a common cause the question cost includes the new congressional to make simple see you crying. as a key strategic fact that they want to claim to be under both tom and of may two from the sale deeply hostile to correction an economy based disco and financial commentator on shaky and the dcu petitions on seizing the ukrainian opposition full time domestic profits. any peace members of the european parliament are terrified that their avoid to be like flying bike onto european forces in elections in four to five months' time therefore they're doing anything to try and get it and give popularity of course the way they did not in the socialist european super state of the eu it is try and be seen iran liberal demonstrators that old time
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because it kind of info it's there. ok credentials of looking like the liberals the truth is they have no coherent concept of why or what they could do with ukraine and in fact the worst thing that could happen in many senses is the ukraine and on signs this economic data that the devil on free movement of labor it would be chaos for europe as usual the european union said christine awful lot of poker say. and we are forceful during the development and the ukrainian comfort on ads online and also now what scientists he got home you can always find the most common successes and dd is from the oncoming cars. i will be held now by raines has thrown another group of our missing pc mine is behind us bring the total number of those arrested this month alone twenty eight percent
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sustained recent months the government's crackdown has become insufferable people read people's struggle for form goes on a coma three days if every twenty eleven when the four demonstrators were killed that as police clashed o'reilly doesn't the monster they said the authorities and pious montreal which allowed troops to suppress the descent back by the time the number of guys are racist is at two thousand increased threefold fine now. nico and a physical pressure on the activist has failed to kill the africa precious moment in the motorcade reacted by a flock that placing the screws this he had suffered the punishment school has a speaking out the best policy now reports this is unlikely to silence the opposition it's the anarchist principles mediation meeting the years gone by since the company
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inspired by things he has been to a close up of things i suppose you need to market perform. at the top placing was quickly crushed in a match to read a map of the name and the caterpillar that it has been one of the case of human rights violations in my etsy that means something from the start. yep bed reaching the baking cookbook removes heat units but super helpful if the new mother but at the end of may. scientists will cost it has been forced to seek refuge in you but because of different games team and his family. i kind of having the activists he criticizes bush in two minutes and i spoke too quick to condemn crackdowns in some countries while ignoring others. then the human rights in print and said that it was the impetus. then in the type that situation ever tasted as though we had a victim to the of the dentist and because we've been on it last week that the local men on the dyno form and twenty t ignore the crackdown you a secret if the saints check a
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goal made it clear in his speech was more concerned about making messes. they will all go to the playoffs to be apart for the boathouse so that's wrong i want to talk about gross and fifty the fifth day give them crossing about the problems in. the i've talked to them the most and that of a sudden it. so far according to thomson financial. more than a few people have been killed at least three thousand imprisoned in between each with its many more have been killed in a crackdown if it means a farm and from the wilkinson. boise and auntie. bahrain politician that camila a mistake here was the rest of this dalton says the government's anti terror than to deal with the comic discontent in its timeline. the problem but that is betty. they say that under the sun that we have to
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go to tea dye. the appeal in family friendly the gospel for the midst of the head with them. by the people in the fuel and a host of politically conscious that this has been named the heart that there are people in whom the man was never meant to have that and he can heal and then after the intermission and communities and that i knew him cos it was windy and cold. that is what the you so that is just south of the punishment and bobs of depth at sophia's to the position of the directive as not to join the movement that cloning for stem to haunt you in advance the rights of the people to be he said to have dignity to fluff it and would be consistent and about the development that has fed with that one. munching launching a house in a cherry crumble in front of the lines and not being able to have an on site as texans and
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eighteen african sides feel right now. the abbey snow falls on the train to families that are making life for entire communities in north texas and how locals have found or a friendly politicians oblivious to that predicament. the oval in shape for the cameras that high tension remains as the u s defense sick of the place is focused on trying to get peeve is that this lane opens to the final step is the eye the aa. you like and guidance with them includes can enjoy the sun and the end. many years ago. means these people are suffering the consequences. you will
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much more points in mind some of this crime. behind this. there is all we call the bank on which there is a deposit open to new left by six ut test which caused suspicion of breaking new clients. despite previous cleaning efforts. there remains the holes of golf a little less than two kilos up to tony and stock in the rock and coral reefs. about ten meters down. he attached a never ending legacy. all melty the new. the room the watching our team comes with it happy with its welcome back. as one of us
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quakes have paid taxes and testimonies and watch conference to the front is a say aspects of the station is at the forefront of the shale gas for vacation and although funds that generation byzantine says. this is on c's can actually count found out why wouldn't i commute is quiet and crumble the support of politicians for the trading remains and shaken the columns head shaking so hard it's actually pulled the tree and look around here. rebecca williams is showing me the cracks in her home after a series of earthquakes shook the area she has lived here for almost a decade and have never experienced an earthquake until tracking began in her neighborhood. i'm never know when announced wednesday he adds. i don't sleep that night the kids they keep me awake at night it seems like a lot of other happen here and that the wee hours of the morning aaron miller the real world commission the agency that regulates oil and gas industries time to
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call it the residents. he claims there is no appeal but even if it's in private hands tracking the injection wells in the area the locals are not convinced it's a lot like living the extra time bomb but there's no time or because we're being told when the trappings going to start or what the emergency prep teachers are in place it's something that's happening so you're just constantly waiting and wondering if today the day is today the day technologies with the us geological survey face tracking regularly triggers small earthquakes before seen even greater danger for wastewater disposal which involves pumping millions of gallons of water contaminated by chemicals deep underground where experts say it puts pressure on site meatballs and causes them to sleep. but despite this knowledge is warning its well keep popping up just a few steps away from private homes and even community water wells nobody knows about any of
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this until it's too late to carry out. though the government has not concluded studies on how freaking can affect the environment when operations are in full swing here in texas there are thousands of that impossible to mix and it seems no study team getting the industry's way. in fact you're asking the question whether something could happen the whole shale production united states. i think it is highly unlikely it is extremely beneficial to the national economy fricking is largely responsible for the booming us energy production. whitney like that they fear they could be left to pay the price for her every week there's another tremor and another cracking her house she says she can't even sell it and leave the area. we live now from the year we would of thought that all this was going to go out later in lebanon all of a wasteland remember me here and sam in our stock. while energy companies of rubbing their hands in anticipation of gigantic profits from
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people who live just steps away from gas wells are increasingly fearful of all the water that the drink about the land that their homes are staying the night and they don't trust the government assessment of the damage from cracking because they say the oily gas industry will make sure that no conclusive study comes out it even if it does come out that he doesn't become a basis for effective regulations in texas and then they shut down or tea. now lets his breakdown for you when people ascend warned about the cane. many believe that the chemicals. isn't this crisis could accumulate and the sawmill causing balls and even definition. cox has claimed there are more than a thousand documented cases of contamination in trading sites. the health risks that could include a sensory and it was scary tree damage and mold the dangers of franking have a website on speed up call. while texans do that
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and daddy only to serve on that haunting noses were many managers have taken a more hands on a friday. once he got home was horrible on the beach and took between police and lundqvist at a site culminating in global us energy giant shell will be forced to suspend operations at the site. and also my entry it was crumpled as hearing the streets of singapore the first race riots that in fifty days and eat and not on this state the bus to strike fighters are now once. the us defence secretary chuck hegel has long been accustomed to try and on an out. entrenched differences between washington and his government bond american drone strikes are central sticking point it killed almost a thousand civilians in the country since two thousand three and
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triggered a wave of floods has a dual nature supply trucks afghanistan two weeks about three times can they stand in a heavy based pan for us. this is quite interesting actually. tupac still looking for a gift that shows how much the us wants to build a relationship with pockets on the east tensions which have been cutting open the skull that i haven't really set the nationwide protests have been having didn't talk on america in faith that these contracts are exchanged included two candidates. this white box on the coke ads saying it to the right to national security. tackle on that day and sovereignty as well. we spent the day each week from foxtel and couples to watch and ten kinds of conquest and told them about this story out on the impact of cuts have had on the night. they
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have the means to fight by chief and head to toe while biking walking ten and don'ts bikes have still continued many quotations on and it's a time when i'd had candidates would think what will be the outcome of today sam with that is actually any point in cupcake off the face hands and feet will be results because so far nothing half. yvonne and tuesday between what is under the nose of the school to work on it has drawn and the government which has zilch and inquiries lead single from the munchies conduct of the ba ba of striking and theories unions adult rates to saying this amounts to political persecution and a tory stunk it seems it would be in the field this beats the bullies cost thousands of people that fills the spot seeing in straight sets to decompress is big with a top six in the nineteen seventies place muffin scotland's paul says in heels has since reached an agreement with the unite union involved in that this eve but thousand
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atms that wasn't a big time in his notes an independent inquiry into the union especially get off the scenes that would describe the content they think he liked to six and love style behavior when princess has gathered outside marriage is house is on the now infamous inflatable rafts. well the inquiry will say gangs needed to get the employee especially given the union unite to assist the inquiry has truly found was that this despite this the union bashing where they are always late for one price is trading in the dead ball trying to find out what he feels about who summaries of chief executives and managers who go around the place we can on some of them. go to church and something inside of a police team that finished inequality. science and of government. second both his bike in the musical freedom of belief of what to do carlton. i'm sentimental
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reasons the media the government says the commission. moody's expects credit union the new sale a week. but then the inclined plane. going to need to let the religion of the fingerprints of oil. this is where the title. it's quite painful. through seven cents. i'm thinking the best interests. he delivered through to the employer. or it can serve them. he's making money. many nobly extensive quote is some kind of pity. so here's to a small and i are members of an eagle then retold. many students going that's the true reality of the jungle. catherine. i read on to this child break a few weeks for me is perfectly content ay ay ay ay ay ay ay
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ay ay ay ay ay. ch. i am just can't afford leaders account to your location or the triple j showed up the anti eu protests and bulgaria greece are hungry to urge people to leave the eu would join the population customs union. obviously the mainstream media would be artfire scream that this is part of the abuse of democracy that steal the country's away some sort of imperialist agenda. they know what that might be right about that but the weird thing is that for some reason the mainstream media isn't talked about foreign politicians speaking to and or possibly agitating protesters in ukraine like speaker of the lithuanian parliament florida aggression in yet. an eu vice president got sick with a sea of itch and former polish pm purest love kaczynski the european union preston was just fine for their politicians to go to foreign countries and fire
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up protesters to start april eu revolution but they're all their journalists write about is how russia is trying to put pressure on ukraine to act in the eu the obvious hypocrisy of this takes all the way up the mosque. just typing the room. he knew you when you win. sarah. i guess is that. in many of these seats about forty yesterday ninety six to tie. msf to him to prison i was going on fourteen if i made myself and i was fourteen i wouldn't recognize. this of course
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that person today. it's the same spot on. reduce like a normal work on green st well know everything about them and cut it off long beach. no these guys could be the same now. one cup of tea what really makes you will be interesting is the fact that these changes. you will not be the same tomorrow us don't. so i run out of me trying to work in the caribbean sea in the kayak to find changing no only giving you the ccs so changing opinions of all things but in all circumstance so we must live in person. i believe this one c to twenty years become pope i fear the cops. it all. you
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can see that. he said. well we go to school to get home it's no use to the scene in the inquest in other direction then in use them the same vintage. this mole is the key. consider the sea nature makes you in no way around. nosy. looking into how the horizon and new year songs for something. you don't know what to do this along the backside to the horizon and you don't know what it is too long for kink to stay moved by love it's a man whose longing for something. he's only had this long for something but he doesn't know what is wrong
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aye. we need in one room and. luke . the news on him thousands of ukrainians gathered in kenya on sunday to denounce president victor get local beaches decision to turn away from europe and moved towards russia is the country's biggest protests since its pro democracy one for pollution in two thousand and four the demonstrators are furious with unocal which were his decision to ditch a landmark pact the european union in favor of a trade deal with moscow with police ta


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